Our ambassadors

Ed Alford, VP IT&S Enterprise Systems, BP Plc

"Our vision at BP, to engage more girls and women into STEM careers, is being elevated by our partnership with everywoman and the Modern Muse project, which will promote the fantastic careers of women of all ages in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics."

Ed Alford

Rosaleen Blair, CEO, Alexander Mann Solutions

"As the world's leading provider of talent acquisition and management services, with clients in over 82 countries, we understand the imperative of building sustainable diversity programmes to unlock all talent in an organisation. everywoman are masters at it."

Rosaleen Blair

Dermot Boyd, Chief Executive Officer, QVC UK

"I am delighted to support everywoman as an ambassador. I am pleased that QVC UK has many women in senior positions and that two of our Vice Presidents already serve as everywoman in retail ambassadors.  I believe that teams function best when they include diverse points of view. This stimulates debate and results in more creative ideas for improvements to our products and customer services. We therefore strive to increase career opportunity for all, irrespective of gender or background."

Dermot Boyd

Sophie Chandauka, Executive Director and Chief Administrative Officer - Legal and Compliance Division, EMEA, Morgan Stanley

"The everywoman community is rare and unique in its capacity to bring powerful women together who really do 'walk the talk'. Through everywoman, we are positively driving new thinking in UK plc, and I love being part of creating meaningful change!"

Melissa Di Donato, AVP, ISV Channels EMEA and APAC, Salesforce

"Partnering in the everywoman events programme has enabled us to have a different and more engaging conversation with our customers."

Melissa Di Donato

Pat Gelsinger, Chief Executive Officer, VMware 

"Research shows that increasing gender diversity increases problem-solving capability and leads to more innovative outcomes. As a CEO, I want the best ideas in play at VMware, and I can’t have the best ideas with half the population. The best company cultures are those that take advantage of the full power of human difference. In other words, where women, and men and all kinds of diverse people can bring their all."

Pat Gelsinger

Stephen Halliday, Chief Executive Officer, Wood Mackenzie

"We believe that greater diversity and more inclusive working practices are at the heart of being a successful and sustainable organisation.  Being part of the everywoman community provides a unique resource for individuals to learn from other organisations and support them in realising their own potential within Wood Mackenzie."

Stephen Halliday

Larry Hirst CBE, Former Chairman, IBM Europe, Middle East & Africa

"From being their first sponsor, to now 15 years later still a committed and active Ambassador, I have never doubted the impact that everywoman has had on the diversity community. Together with pioneering partners such as IBM they have changed the agenda and as a result, many lives."

Larry Hirst

Dame Mary Perkins, Founder, Specsavers

"I am extremely proud to be everywoman's patron and part of such an amazing group that so actively promotes the merits and talents of women and the vital contribution they make to the economy."

Dame Mary Perkins

Mark Reynolds, Chief Executive, Mace

"Mace is an international construction and consultancy company operating in a wide variety of sectors with many different clients.  It is therefore a business imperative that our workforce is representative of those clients.  The simple fact is that currently we aren’t, in relation to women.  We are committed to changing that by retaining, attracting and recruiting more women.  We are really pleased to be working in partnership with the everywoman Network on our flagship programme Mace Women of the Future."

Mark Reynolds

Dame Stephanie Shirley, IT pioneer, entrepreneur and philanthropist

“Back in 1962 I founded my software business as a company of women, a company for women, an early social business.  Then in 1975, the Sex Discrimination Act made it illegal for us to have our pro-female policies.  So – as an example of unintended consequences – we had to let the men in. 

As an everywoman Ambassador, I confess to being a feminist in deed. But I have always been a humanist, totally committed to valuing the contribution of each human being and convinced that every single person can make a difference.”

Michael Keegan, Chairman, Fujitsu UK & Ireland

“Diversity is very close to my heart. It is a key part of Fujitsu’s approach to responsible business – that’s one of the reasons that Fujitsu is a corporate partner of everywoman, which encourages gender-diverse teams that improve business performance across the globe. At Fujitsu, we actively look for ways to create a virtuous cycle of diversity. I believe that this means: greater diversity = more women = better, more balanced decisions = a greater engagement and connection with customers and employees. Together, this makes our business more successful.”

Michael Keegan, Chairman, Fujitsu UK & Ireland

Sally Hopson MBE, Chief Executive Officer of Services, Pets at Home

“Society is diverse, increasingly so, and that’s a good thing. It makes the world a more vibrant place to live and work in. But we need to reflect that in the businesses we run. We need to make sure our teams are diverse because, almost certainly, our clients and customer bases are.

If you embrace that, business is better, your team is better and we will have much more success at what we do. I take my place as a role model very seriously. Our legacy is the team we leave behind, who will take our business to the next level, and that team will only thrive with the involvement of bright and dynamic women.”

Sally Hopson MBE, Chief Executive Officer of Services, Pets at Home