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Tanya Channing on creativity

Tanya Channing, HR Director at Worldpay, on using various tools at your disposal to make internal connections.

Tanya Channing on using social media to your advantage

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Tanya Channing on mindfulness

Tanya Channing, HR Director at Worldpay, discusses how to maintain balance in your life.

Tanya Channing on resilience

Tanya Channing, HR Director at Worldpay, describes how she draws on her support networks.

Tanya Channing on goals

Tanya Channing, HR Director at Worldpay, on always striving to reach the next level.

Mitzie Hoelscher on how positive thinking can transform your working self

Discover Mitzie's insight into how she transforms a negative belief into a positive affirmation

Mitzie Hoelscher's secret to building confidence

Discover Mitzie's secret yet simple technique to building confidence.

Mitzie Hoelscher on how we are shaped by language

Mitzie Hoelscher explains how writing our own positive affirmations can create positive power.

Mitzie Hoelscher on using visualisation to change thinking

How visualisation can change your approach "When I can see what I want to achieve; when I can picture it - then I'm unstoppable," says Mitzie, in this short clip looking at how visualisation can be...

Mitzie Hoelscher on how to stay on top of your diary

Managing time to reduce stress Managing time effectively is critical in any business and can often be a source of stress. In this short clip, Mitzie offers a new way of thinking around time...