Eleni Antoniadou

"I am totally astonished, flattered and honored to be the recipient of the Woman of the Year Award for 2013."

"My career trajectory has been influenced by getting involved into projects that I found fascinating as a child, such as the development of artificial organs, ameliorating tele-surgical robotic techniques or creating new therapeutic pathways for our astronauts in space. Happily, I was able to contribute through my research into the field of regenerative medicine and I am astounded that the awards committee have recognized not only the importance of my endeavors but also embraced my efforts in raising awareness about the donor shortage problem and human organ trafficking. The everywoman organization provides through these awards a social and business network to support women in all levels of their career, promote their talents and celebrate their achievements but most importantly challenges all of us to reach our full potential and stay united. I am very proud to be part of the everywoman family and I am looking forward to get more involved in the near future."

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