Our approach

Amongst our team and the partners we work with, everywoman is proud of its cultural values, which underline our approach to all we do.

We believe in being:

  • Collaborative
    Whether working with individuals or businesses, everywoman forges strong partnerships to deliver a defined purpose.
  • Engaging
    Engaging people right from the start and ensuring they come back for more!
  • Refreshing
    everywoman's natural, fun and no nonsense approach makes us different and interesting to work with.
  • Progressive
    Knowing that the business environment continually evolves, everywoman constantly seeks to innovate and improve resources, products and platforms, to ensure we're ahead of the game.
  • Credible
    It's all about trust - people trust everywoman to deliver the best in everything we do.

Founded over 15 years ago by Maxine Benson and Karen Gill, who recognised the need to change the landscape for women in business.

By setting up a forum for like-minded women to share experiences, opportunities and ideas, they provided a backdrop that enabled confidence and success to grow. It was through the relationships forged within this community that everywoman was born and it is these diverse communities that continue to be the backbone of the organisation today.

everywoman has an infectious energy that we pass on to all those who come into contact with us. They in turn are inspired and motivated to energise others.

Whether it's delivering innovative products or providing resources to enhance the potential and talent of women in business, or uncovering success stories to positively influence others across a diverse range of sectors, everywoman elevates and energises.